Which server is this tournament played on?

This tournament will take place on the Oceanic servers. There is no penalty for transferring your account (it’s also free).

Which countries can compete in the League of Legends Oceanic Season 3 Championship?

Australia, New Zealand, Guam, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Fiji, Northern Mariana Islands.

If you are from another country outside this list you are unable to compete in this tournament. You must also be playing from inside these countries. You cannot compete as a citizen of the countries listed above if you are not present in those countries at the time of the Tournament.

What is Tournament Draft and what are the Tournament Draft requirements?

Tournament Draft is the game mode the entirety of the tournament shall be on. In the Official Rules and Terms & Conditions of the Oceanic Season 3 Championship it is stated that ‘Tournament Draft’ is the game mode that will be played. There are some key requirements for playing in Tournament Draft, that players should already be aware of, these are listed below:

  • You must have at least 16 Champions available

For more information regarding Tournament Draft please follow this link: here

Which Tournament Official do I add to my Skype Contact list for my Bracket? You need to add the correct Tournament Official for your Bracket. For example, the Tournament Official for Bracket A is ‘LoLOceaniaAdminA’, the Tournament Official for Bracket B is ‘LoLOceaniaAdminB’ etc. You can find the correct Tournament Official for your Bracket by visiting the Brackets page here.

Why is there an age restriction of 17+ ?

The decision to limit eligibility in the Championship Series to players 17 and older isn’t based on any Oceanic standard. The Championship Series is a pro sports league and its players will be training and competing for most of the year. Pro players in some instances will be living with their teams, traveling extensively and making an adult commitment to eSports. They need to be able to make decisions and sacrifices that require a high degree of maturity. Going pro is now a full-time job and one that requires a great deal of commitment. We believe that 17 is the appropriate minimum age for a player to operate at this level.

When does registration for the Oceanic Season 3 Championship open?

Registration opens on 29th June. You can register here.

How many players can be in a team?

You are allowed 5 players with an optional (1) substitute player.

What happens if I need to change my registered lineup after I have already filled out Registration details?

We cannot guarantee that you can make alterations to your registered lineup after initial registration. Please ensure all details are 100% confirmed and correct prior to completing registration.

After registration is there anything I have to do to ensure my team competes in this tournament?

Yes. There will be a confirmation period, in which a confirmation email will be sent to all team captains asking them to confirm their teams participation in the League of Legends Oceanic Season 3 Championship Finals. The confirmation period starts on the 3rd of July and ends on the 4th July at 10pm AEST. Please ensure all captains check their email regularly for this confirmation email. If you do not confirm, your team may not be placed into the bracket.

What happens if I need to change my team lineup during any stage of the tournament?

Throughout the entirety of the Tournament, a team must keep at least 4 of its 5 members (not including substitute/reserve player) as part of their lineup. Any changes to a roster must be approved by Tournament officials after being submitted in writing to [email protected] Failure to retain at least 4 of its 5 registered members may result in disqualification.

How will I know when my team needs to play and for how long each day?

Your team is required to play from the scheduled start of every day until either the bracket is finished, your team is knocked out of the tournament or a Tournament official alerts you that you are finished for the day. You can find the complete schedule for the Oceanic Season 3 Championship here.

Are any Oceanic Season 3 Championship matches able to be rescheduled outside of the allocated tournament days/times?

No, unless specifically instructed by Tournament officials. Taking it upon yourself to reschedule tournament matches outside of the allocated days/times without the expressed permission of Tournament officials is not allowed and may result in disqualification.

The Oceanic Season 3 Championship and the AVCON League of Legends Tournament are on the same dates. Is there anyway I can compete in both?

As PAX Australia is fast approaching and to coincide with the release of the Oceanic League of Legends servers unfortunately there was no room to reschedule Online Qualifier dates. We apologise for this. Any efforts made by the AVCON event staff to accommodate this will be considered but the official Riot tournament schedule will not change for this event.

If I qualify for the Oceanic Season 3 Championship Finals at PAX Australia do I have to pay for my own travel and accommodation expenses?

In most cases these will be taken care of for you. However, there are some terms and conditions surrounding this. You are required to make yourself available to Tournament officials so they may organise and go over these details with you.

Are spectators welcome at the Oceanic Season 3 Championship Finals at PAX Australia

Absolutely! All ticketing is done through PAX Australia however this is already a sold out event. Those with tickets can spectate from the event. If you were unable to secure a ticket, you can watch the live stream online from Twitch.