Greetings Summoners! Below outlines important information that all team Captains must be aware of. Team Captains are also responsible for relaying tournament information to the rest of their team.

Tournament Draft Requirement

In the Official Rules and Terms & Conditions of the Oceanic Season 3 Championship it is stated that ‘Tournament Draft’ is the game mode that will be played. There are some key requirements for playing in Tournament Draft, that players should already be aware of, these are listed below:

  • You must have at least 16 Champions available

For more information regarding Tournament Draft please follow this link.

Skype Accounts and Contacting Tournament Officials

Tournament officials will be available to help and assist the Captains of participating teams via Skype. If your team captain does not have Skype, he/she will need to download and create a Skype account for this tournament, you can do so by going to the Skype website here.

You need to add the correct Tournament Official for your Bracket. For example, the Tournament Official for Bracket A is ‘LoLOceaniaAdminA’, the Tournament Official for Bracket B is ‘LoLOceaniaAdminB’ etc. Brackets are now released and on the Brackets page found here you can easily view at the top of the page which Tournament Official to add to your Skype contact list. You can use Skype as the official channel to communicate with Tournament Officials about any tournament issues or help you may need.  It is 100% the responsibility of team captains to add Tournament Officials to your Skype contact list.

Joining your Tournament Games

The League of Legends Oceanic Season 3 Championship will be ran using Tournament Code. If you are unfamiliar with Tournament Code you can read up about it here. Pages will be generated listing Tournament Code for all Rounds in every Bracket, which will be linked to players prior to the tournament start time. An example image of where to input the Tournament Code is available here.

Structure & Game Times

Stage 1 is the first stage of the tournament and will be played out over two days, Saturday the 6th of July and Sunday the 7th of July. All teams start in Stage 1 of the tournament.


The League of Legends Oceanic Season 3 Championship will start at 12pm each day (mandatory for teams to be online at 11am AEST) and not end until competition of the required amount of Rounds of that day. Once your team has completed a Round in the tournament you are to continue straight into your next Round, you are only allowed a short 5 - 10 minute break in-between. If you are waiting on the result of a previous match up before you can play your next series then you must simply wait patiently. You must then be ready to play as soon as your opposing team is done with their previous series and now ready to play against you. Disappearing for long periods of time is not allowed and you could risk being disqualified if you are not ready to play your next match on time. 
For more information about the Structure of this tournament please visit the official Structure information here.


In Stage 1 there will be eight (8) single elimination brackets evenly distributed by teams. Brackets are foremost seeded by the top 16 ranked teams for this tournament, all other confirmed teams will be seeded randomly. All brackets can be found here: here. Draft brackets will be published at 12pm AEST, Friday July 5th. This is the bracket that you will be in for the duration of Stage 1, however these brackets are subject to change prior to tournament commencement.

Tournament Rules

All tournament Rules for the League of Legends Oceanic Season 3 Championship can be found here.

Tournament Terms & Conditions

All tournament Terms and Conditions for the League of Legends Oceanic Season 3 Championship can be found here.

Live Stream

The entirety of the League of Legends Oceanic Season 3 Championship will be Live Streamed via If you are contacted by Tournament Officials in regards to your game being Live Streamed please do everything possible to assist the Streamers and Casters into your game.