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There are 3 stages of competition for the Oceania Season 3 Championship. All teams start in Stage 1 of the Tournament.

Stage 1 - Online Open Qualifier: Open to all teams in the Oceanic region and to unlimited teams. The Online Open Qualifier stage will follow a single elimination format, which means once you lose you are knocked out of the Tournament. Teams will be placed into 8 brackets evenly distributed between registered teams and seeded based on the most recent competitive results from the following leagues: ACL, CyberGamer, ESL and IESF. Outside of 16 seeds from recent results, all other teams are seeded randomly.

The Online Open Qualifier stage will consist of a best of one series until four teams remain in each of the 8 brackets. The final four teams from each bracket will then continue playing best of three series from this point on. The top two teams (the 1st and 2nd placing team) from each of the 8 brackets will qualify for Stage 2 - Round of 16 .

Stage 2 - Round of 16: The Round of 16 will consist of one single elimination bracket; all best-of-three series. This bracket will be played out until only four teams are left. These top 4 teams from the Round of 16 Playoffs will qualify to advance to the Oceanic Season 3 Championship Finals at PAX Australia.

Stage 3 - Oceanic Season 3 Championship Finals: The top four teams remaining from the Round of 16 will continue the Round of 16 bracket at the Oceanic Season 3 Championship Finals held at PAX Australia. There will be two Semi-Finals and one Grand Final that will all consist of a best of 3 series.

Full Structure & Timing Breakdown For complete schedule and structure details, download this PDF here